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The Macalope Weekly: Weak sauce

The Macalope | Oct. 22, 2012
There are weak arguments and then there are the three arguments you’re about to read. First, are you ready for the RIM comeback?! Hello? Is this thing on? Second, does the size of the iPhone 5 show Apple’s arrogance? Dur, do you have to even ask? And, finally, hope you like Windows Phone, because your local cell carrier is apparently going to put you in a headlock until you buy one.

Do Steve Ballmer and Andrew Lees ever argue over who gets to work Elops mouth and who gets to move his hands?

Elop said operators had made decisions to combat rivals hit products in the past and will be able to do so again once Nokia ships its Lumia 820 and flagship Lumia 920.

This time itll work for sure!

I think [a Microsoft smartphone would be] certainly a stimulant to the ecosystem.

Oh, jeez. Microsoft, just buy Nokia already and put the poor guy out of his misery. Its like watching a cat play with a baby bird.

Look, the Macalope likes Windows Phone. If he couldnt have an iPhone (shudder), hed get a Windows Phone which, he doesnt mind telling you, is really weird to him. But there it is. So he doesnt get why its not resonating with people.

But its not resonating with people. Of course, Elops saying what he has to say, but that doesnt make it less pathetic.



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