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The Macalope Weekly: Weak sauce

The Macalope | Oct. 22, 2012
There are weak arguments and then there are the three arguments you’re about to read. First, are you ready for the RIM comeback?! Hello? Is this thing on? Second, does the size of the iPhone 5 show Apple’s arrogance? Dur, do you have to even ask? And, finally, hope you like Windows Phone, because your local cell carrier is apparently going to put you in a headlock until you buy one.

Another issue I would raise is how unfriendly Apples suppliers have been to their employees.

Of course you would. After all, trying to throw everything against the wall to see what sticks is your shtick.

Suppose a Wal-Mart supplier was accused of these conditions.

Suppose the company that locked its own workers into stores overnight was accused of having suppliers that mistreated employees? Gosh, what would the ramifications be?!

In my opinion, Apple is hypocriticalthe company is every bit the abusive monopolist that it once accused Microsoft MSFT of being&

That link is to James B. Stewarts hi-larious piece warning that Mapgate could raise antitrust concerns, a piece that Glenn Fleishman & sorry, thats Jeopardy-winner Glenn Fleishman & deftly disassembled when it was published.

Hang on, though. Kass isnt done with his ridiculous rant. Turns out youre part of the problem, too:

And Apples customers are also hypocritical by continuing to buy Apples products and thereby supporting this abusive behavior.

Right. We should totally be buying stuff from companies that arent so arrogant as to ship phones with 4-inch screens in a 16:9 aspect ratio and whose suppliers are all located in the workers paradise known as Magical Fairy Candycaneland.

This is simply not a logical argument. Stupid, deranged, and/or pushing an ulterior motive, the Macalope does not know, but whatever the case, it doesnt make a great advertisement for investing in Kasss hedge fund.

Saturday Special: Good luck with that

Good news, Windows Phone fans!

What? Oh. Fan. Sorry, the Macalope got a little carried away.

But good news, uh, Roger! Nokia CEO and Microsoft plant Stephen Elop says Windows Phones ascendance is set to happen any day now!




What about & NOW!


Still nothing?

So, when exactly is this supposed to happen?

Nokia boss: Surface phone and Apple-Android fears will kick-start Windows Phone.

Ah, the ol carriers will just shove Windows Phones in peoples pockets and push them out the door strategy!

But we've seen this picture. Back in April, one of the Cassandras of Wall Street huffed some fumes in the cave where they commune with the flighty and vengeful gods that control the stock market and declared that APPLE WAS DOOOMED because carriers were going to turn to Windows Phone in 2012.

Hows that working out so far?

Nokia Lumia sales fall 28 percent in Q3 to 2.9 million, North American sales cut in half.

Oops. And, let the Macalope get this straight, Elop welcomes Microsoft shipping its own phone?

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop reckons carriers fears over the Android and Apple duopoly will force the birth of the Windows Phone ecosystem that hes bet the Finnish companys future onan ecosystem he believes would benefit from Microsofts presence.


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