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The Macalope Weekly: Weak sauce

The Macalope | Oct. 22, 2012
There are weak arguments and then there are the three arguments you’re about to read. First, are you ready for the RIM comeback?! Hello? Is this thing on? Second, does the size of the iPhone 5 show Apple’s arrogance? Dur, do you have to even ask? And, finally, hope you like Windows Phone, because your local cell carrier is apparently going to put you in a headlock until you buy one.

The Macalope has said it before and hell say it again: Its interesting how the people most interested in Wozs comments are the ones trying to bash Apple over the head with them.

Wozs criticism, which Kass quotes, is over the screen size of the iPhone 5.

I wish they had made a small and a large version of the iPhone; that would have been great for me.

The iPhone 5 is literally smaller than the iPhone 4 and 4S. Do the math. Only the screen is larger. Now, maybe he wants a 3.5-inch screen iPhone 5 that would be even smaller, but Apples strategy is to make one current generation of the iPhone. And, oh, hey, look, its worked pretty well. But Woz wants a pony.


Arrogance has been the subject of some of my criticism recently on Apple. (It is also often the downfall of many companies.)

Really. Arrogance. And here the Macalope thought it was things like sales, revenues, and profit. Who knew that business analysis was really more about psychology than fundamentals?

Reminder: This man manages a hedge fund.

So, Kasss conclusion is that its arrogance that drives Apples decision to add features on its own terms, when they make sense, instead of jamming them into phones just to check them off on a list. Dont wait for battery life to catch up to screen sizes, just stop shipping Retina displays or make a giant honking phone!

Ohhh, you mean theres a trade-off and this isnt a free, all-you-can-eat candy store?

Also, if you believe the current Apple form factor is the best answer and Apple wont or cant do a larger-screen device (and will stick to one phone at a time for cost reasons), what is the next iPhone going to have that will really matter and get customers excited to buy it and help the company gain additional share?

Is gaining share Apples goal? Seems like its goal is to make a crapload of money.

Is the bulk of the innovation done? And, yes, I know its easy to say that Apple always thinks of something new, but the reality is that the last few iterations of iPhone have been evolutionary and not revolutionaryand, arguably, they now lag the market.

You could always argue they lagged behind the market. People have been doing that for five years. The first iPhone only had EDGE! It didnt have a replaceable battery! Total deal killer!

Its astounding how some analysts will simply cling to this checkbox mentality no matter how many times we point out that Apple doesnt operate that way. And the company doesnt seem any worse for not trying to get into a stupid arms race.


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