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The Macalope Daily: What fight are you watching?

The Macalope | Nov. 21, 2012
[Due to technical issues The Macalope is currently available to all Macworld readers, not just members of Macworld Insider.]

Partners that Microsoft is blaming for lackluster Windows 8 sales.

Your point was, again?

Yet [Apple] is overwhelmingly dependent on two products: the iPhone and iPad, which together accounted for 69% of revenue last quarter.

Ah, fun with numbers! Let's have some more fun with numbers! Like maybe by pointing out that while these two products do make up a lot of Apple's revenue, they're still doing quite well. iPhone revenue was up 56 percent from the prior year and iPad revenue was up 9 percent.

Meanwhile, Microsoft's server and business products were responsible for 58 percent of the company's revenue last quarter and while server revenue was up 8 percent, business revenue was down 2 percent. The Windows division, which makes up an additional 19 percent of the company's total revenue was down 33 percent.

But clearly it's Apple that sucks.

Yet neither the iPhone nor the iPad is as revolutionary as they once were.

Again, this is true because it's a thing I just said. Also, I will assiduously ignore the fact that, while Apple has a history of introducing revolutionary and popular products, none of its competitors can do more than copy it with any modicum of success.

Touch-screen smartphones are now common, and tablet computers are flooding the market. Goldman Sachs Group forecasts a total of 117 million tablets will be sold world-wide this year, rising 44% next year.

In such circumstances, companies typically end up competing on price. Apple's margins can't remain completely immune.

Just like how netbooks destroyed the MacBook Air.

Wait, let me start again ...

Actually, you know what, Bret? Just quit while you're behind.


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