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The Macalope Daily: We didn't start the fire

The Macalope | Nov. 22, 2012
[Due to technical issues The Macalope is currently available to all Macworld readers, not just members of Macworld Insider.]

The Macalope still doesn't quite get what Mueller thinks is going to happen. If Android and iOS are effectively the same, why does Apple keep attracting more customers every year? Yes, Android is gaining more by getting more of the flip phone users to switch to a free Android phone, but no one other than Samsung has figured out how to make any real money off of that.

Apple's primary shareholder value concern must be to extract the greatest possible returns out of the revolution it brought about. And it's clear that continued innovation--however important it may be--does not come close to the 20-year term of protection that the patent system offers.

This may be partly true for markets that the company has already revolutionized, but again completely ignores the Mac. Apple's business model is to reinvent markets and then differentiate itself with high-end design. And it's worked for 15 years.

Make no mistake, Apple has plenty of challenges. Maybe it will somehow fail to keep differentiating itself in existing markets and fail to reinvent any others. But with the highest revenue, margins and cash reserves in the industry, it's Apple's game to lose.

And, if you don't want the heat, Florian, stop making tired and incendiary arguments.


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