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The Macalope Daily: We didn't start the fire

The Macalope | Nov. 22, 2012
[Due to technical issues The Macalope is currently available to all Macworld readers, not just members of Macworld Insider.]

Apple is strategically losing market after market, segment after segment, to Android.

If by "losing" you mean "maintaining."

I even know people who were considered die-hard Apple "fanbois" (I know it's a controversial term) ...

And Mueller cranks up the thermostat again. "Controversial" is the wrong word, Florian. Try "dismissive." Or "jacktastic."

... but switched to Android over the last couple of years.

You can't refute an anecdote like that! Anecdotes are irrefutable!

I've heard this argument before: no matter how well Android does, all that matters is Apple's sales and margins.

And the Macalope has heard every ridiculous counterargument to that fact, so lay it on him.

Those who make this point ignore that because of the problems the Mac had in a "Wintel" world, Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy and was saved by a Microsoft investment.

Wait, what got Apple there? Was it the fact that Wintel machines were more ubiquitous and cheaper, or was it that Apple licensed its operating system, letting other hardware makers eat its lunch, and was run by a series of executives with the collective IQ of a half-eaten Mounds bar?

If history repeated itself, Apple would at some point need a lifeline from Google or Samsung.

Google? How much money is Google actually making from Android? Most of its mobile revenue comes from iOS, and the total amount it makes on mobile is a drop in the bucket compared to what Apple makes on the iPhone.

Mueller complains about Apple boosters "extrapolating past results into a future that actually looks far more challenging than promising" but when confronted with the fact that Macs are currently the only PCs selling well says "Yeah, but they weren't in the 1990s."

Check a calendar, Florian.

Mueller's argument boils down to "Smartphones are commoditizing and soon prices will be too low for Apple to keep up with and everyone will instead buy Android phones. And you can't say 'Look at the Mac' because Windows and the Mac OS are different while Android and iOS are virtually the same."

This will come as news to those of us who were told for years that Microsoft had completely erased the Mac's advantage.

It took Android only a few years to beat Apple's platform in pretty much every country on this planet, and in pretty much every market segment. Apple's continued innovation efforts didn't prevent this from happening.

And, boy, it sure hurt the company's bottom line and the viability of its platforms, didn't it?

In another few years, Apple won't even be a top five company in the industry unless it manages to fend off Android ...


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