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The Macalope Daily: Timeline status: Intact

The Macalope | Nov. 20, 2012
[Due to technical issues The Macalope is currently available to all Macworld readers, not just members of Macworld Insider.]

So, Android is making it easier and easier to get a higher percentage of gross sales ... from customers that are uninterested in buying apps.

You get so much more of zero with Android! Why wouldn't they code first and only for it?!

Hey, maybe Apple will stumble in terms of quality (hard to see how that happens, though) or maybe Samsung will suddenly start churning out highly original, well-made phones (also not terribly likely) and Android will magically get the feel of being the more premium operating system (OK, now the Macalope is unsure of which of these is less likely). But at that point you really should start checking to see if someone has tampered with the space/time continuum.


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