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The Macalope Daily: Fringe analysis

The Macalope | Dec. 5, 2012
[Editor's Note: Starting this week, all Macworld readers can look forward to a new Macalope Daily every Tuesday and Thursday, as well as the Macalope Weekly on Saturdays.]

Well, when choosing what to give your kids for Christmas, parents, remember that choosy kids choose iPads.

ABI Research senior practice director Jeff Orr said Apple's launch of the iPad Mini "acknowledged" growing competition from Google tablets but the smaller device has yet to knock them out of the market.

Of course it's not going to "knock them out of the market." Amazon and Google are selling the things at cost while Apple's actually making money on its products--which are still selling quite well, despite the imaginary backlash.

"The iPhone is not a phone for everyone," [Telsyte research director Foad] Fadaghi said.

No! It's not! Guess what! No phone is.

"Not everyone likes the Apple brand and Apple products and Samsung has managed to capitalise on that more than any other product maker."

And not everyone likes a crappy user experience and Apple has managed to capitalize on that more than any other product maker.

But Mr Fadaghi said Apple should not be counted out of the game ...

Please. There's no use denying the severe anti-Apple backlash from zeppelin-riding shape-shifters from an alternate dimension. Stick a fork in them. They're toast.


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