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The Macalope: Clearly wrong

The Macalope | June 7, 2013
Someone is in this analysis.

Yes! Except no. The day after Business Insider posted this, Apple announced a new low-end iPod touch. Yay, the company is saved! From dumb arguments.

Just kidding, of course.

Blodget also seems to have a little trouble with math.

Given Apple's secrecy, we may never know for sure why the company has effectively gone at least nine months without launching a significant new product.

Apple's iPad mini event was held on October 23. Nine months later would be June 23, more than a week after WWDC, let alone last month's iPod touch refresh.

You might argue that the touch is not "a significant new product," but there again Blodget is playing fast and loose with a number of facts. The chart he refers to shows any number of updates to existing product lines, in order for him to create a bogus statistic. For starters he includes iBooks Author (which he calls "iBooks for textbooks" because looking up the name is so hard). For secondsies, Apple updated its entire product lineup in the fall of 2012.

As Tim Cook noted himself, Apple probably should have waited on the iMac so it could ship in volume, but everyone outside the Business Insider brain trust would rather have had a chance at being able to get one earlier rather than later.

Well, if you didn't like this piece by Blodget, maybe you'd like something else he recently wrote like, say, his 42-page slide show about his stay at the Ritz Carlton.

And, no, the Macalope isn't making that up.


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