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The journey from data to actionable insights

Stephen McNulty, Managing Director, Asia Pacific and Japan, Progress | Nov. 5, 2015
The emergence of cloud-based platforms that unify data analytics will further disrupt the marketing models.

However, new age cloud-based analytics and real-time machine learning technologies can leverage data in more than one way:

  • Track customer interaction through different channels and provide suggestions on how the individuals can be engaged. The information is then shared automatically across sales and marketing teams, when it can make a difference, instead of being included in a report to the management at the end of a campaign.
  • Provide information on both known and unknown contacts. This can be a crucial factor, considering only 2 to 3 percent of all contacts are authenticated in most organisations. Unlike simple marketing tools which work on authenticated contacts, these tools give companies the ability to build personas for unnamed contacts providing a much more informed view with which to build engagement techniques.

How it works
A digital marketing command centre can be a powerful tool for businesses. It can change the way businesses market to, and nurture, their leads. Take for instance a typical email marketing campaign. The email can be tailored to different segments. A new customer can see a message prompting them to try the product whereas an existing customer can be given a promotion for their next buy. Some platforms also use connectors to collect and collate data from various marketing systems. This data is then used to evaluate how marketing efforts are contributing to goals such as lead generation or revenue growth. As such, the central command centre acts as a repository for all information related to marketing. This information can be leveraged by companies at crucial points in the prospect's decision making process.

We are already witnessing the shift towards data-driven marketing. The emergence of cloud-based platforms that unify data analytics will further disrupt the marketing models. Companies will be able to grow beyond archaic concepts such as the marketing funnel, click-counting, opinion-driven decisions and one-way communications, that measure activity but don't predict customer behaviour.

By working in the cloud, companies can create a self-driving and self-improving platform that can incorporate insights from all relevant data enabling meaningful and productive customer conversations. In the competitive marketplace today, this could very well turn out to be a defining factor for the company's success.


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