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The Floppening, Part VIII: This time, Apple Watch is really a flop

The Macalope | Aug. 14, 2015
Get out your Apple Watch Flop bingo cards because it's time to fill in another square. This time the one that says "Flop." (They all say "flop.")

"What am I watching? What is Vince Vaughn doing with his face?"

I don't mean to pick solely on Apple Watch Android Wear is also a depressing kludge.

Oh? Well, that's funny we should find out 14 paragraphs into this piece. It's also funny that the headline and first two-thirds of the piece are dedicated to the Apple Watch, which is selling far better than these other devices.

Not really laugh-out-loud funny, but...

The hype around the Watch, "Apple's most personal device," to my mind has gone unfulfilled. It hasn't made the case for its existence the way the smartphone did.

If it doesn't change the world like the iPhone did, then what good is it?

That's some bar that Apple has to jump over, isn't it? It's nice no other company is held to that standard.


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