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Targeted ads that track how and where you drive are coming to connected cars

Ms Smith (Network World) | May 5, 2014
Get ready to share your special "moments" with advertisers as Kiip plans to bring ad "rewards" to connected cars and connected homes.

Sprague says that getting access to data from a car's engine and safety systems could unlock some unprecedented approaches to ad targeting. Mojio's device can tell when a car's airbags are deployed, or whether crash sensors on the bumpers have been triggered, potentially allowing ads pegged to incidents on the road. "It could be you just had a little fender bender, and you need something to lift you up," he says.

Those ads are targeting driving behavior, but Kiip intends to also tap into smart homes for targeted ads that it prefers to call "moments-based rewards." Sprague suggested "gaining access to data from connected home gadgets, such as thermostats or home automation systems, could also allow for creative new ads."

Wong thinks of Kiip's system as the "antithesis of advertising. 'Ads drive people away. The only way you can truly make a lot of money is when you have loyal, engaged users.' Wong says Kiip not only rewards users for the small victories like getting out of bed in the morning, but also can reinforce desired behaviors like exercise, and keep users coming back to their apps day after day."

Although rewards are a clever way to go about targeted advertising, an ad is still an ad. Ads use your data to track and profile you; granting even more access to other types of your data should raise more privacy concerns, Are you ready to let advertisers gobble up your behavior when you are on the road or in your home? You can read more about Kiip precision moments targeting or watch the video to learn more about Kiip "moments" for targeted advertising.

Source: Network World


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