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SPONSORED BLOG: Simple Backup for Busy People

Joel Berman | Oct. 22, 2013
A personal journey to storage optimisation

Now what happens when I get a new laptop? No problem, I can recover my entire laptop from the cloud to my new one. Not just the data, but all of the applications and operating system too! (Hopefully I got a new laptop because I wanted to, and not because the old one was destroyed or stolen.)

Oh, what about my Android and Apple phones and tablets? No problem-they work with the Acronis cloud too. I can synchronize and access and share my data from my phone. And if I do not have my data with me I can use any web browser, log into my account, and get my data.

So I have all kinds of data, tunes, videos, documents. I have it on my laptop, my wife's laptop, my phone, her phone, my tablet and her tablet. I can access it from any device, even a friend's PC. I can copy the entire system to a new laptop or desktop. And I do not have to remember all kinds of login username and password combos to Skydrives and Dropboxes and other systems because it is all in one account. I know where all of my data is and it was not very hard to set up.

Oh, and one more thing. As much as I trust the Acronis cloud, I make another copy onto a USB drive every weekend too.

So there it is. I have a complete solution. Acronis True Image 2014 makes backups to the cloud, to a hard drive, synchronizes Android and IOS, prepares new devices and also makes backups to a USB drive. Now, I have three copies of my data, on different media, accessible wherever I am. I know where it is, I know it is safe-and I have my music to listen to.


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