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SPONSORED BLOG: Simple Backup for Busy People

Joel Berman | Oct. 22, 2013
A personal journey to storage optimisation

Storage can be an embarrassment of riches these days. You take pictures and have them stored on Picasa or Flickr or Instagram or Twitter or Facebook. You have Powerpoints spread across Skydrive and Google Docs and Dropbox and Slideshare. Then you have your resume on LinkedIn and maybe Monster or Dice. And you have all sorts of web pages stored on Evernote and Dropbox and probably a bunch of them in your mail. And you may have scanned a number of important papers, passports, credit card numbers, and have them tucked away in a few places too. And my music files, I may be able to reload some of them, but I have a large collection I would hate to lose. Oh, movies too. And originals of some Youtube videos  I have uploaded. I have a lot of stuff, now that I think of it. Oh, my financial records and tax documents. And health records. I really have a lot of documents these days...

Back in the day, you had a heck of a time just finding things on your hard drive. Today, you have trouble just remembering which cloud you put them on. And what happens if you forget to renew a subscription or if that company changes its policies? Can you still find and use everything you have created?

This is where you can learn a lesson from the big companies. Keep a copy offsite. Now, even when I send my pictures and documents and such to the various clouds and social media, I keep my own copies. I just do not want to be in the position of not finding pictures of my kids or my friends or especially my grandkids. Or a scan of their first report card. Or a copy of my passport when I am traveling. Or losing my music...

The True Solution
Backing up and tracking all of this was getting complicated. I tried to be disciplined in synchronizing my devices and my laptop and my wife's laptop. But sometimes I did not get around to it as often as I wanted.

But I found a way to simplify all of this-I let Acronis True Image 2014 do it.  It backs up my files from my laptop to a cloud and it does this incrementally-that is, it knows that I created new data and only backs up that new data. And it backs it up to one cloud, backs my wife's data up to the same account. Automatically. I just set it up once and it just started working.


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