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Seven Mainframe Computer Myths

BMC | June 27, 2016
Mainframe computers are as important to IT infrastructures today as ever, and it’s time to dispel a few myths.

5. The mainframe isn't part of the cloud and can't be used for big data initiatives.

Wrong. The cloud is the ability to access data and applications over the internet - whether stored on a public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructure. If 91 percent of mobile apps are interacting with mainframes, then mainframes are an essential part of the cloud. Further, for companies relying on mainframes, 70 to 80 percent of their corporate data resides on them. These companies know accessing data for analytics and creating more personalised services is faster on mainframes, especially as the amount of data continues to soar - making it critical for mainframes to be part of big data strategies.

6. There is no new, exciting application development taking place.

Wrong: According to a recent survey, 93 percent of mainframe organisations said Java usage is growing or steady, and Java is the language of choice for writing new or rewriting existing applications. Notably, 83 percent are projecting steady or growing mainframe capacity, and 90 percent are predicting long-term staying power for the mainframe platform.  

7. New digital services don't rely on mainframes.

Wrong...and perhaps the biggest distortion of the facts. New digital services rely heavily on mainframes for high-volume transactional processing in financial services (banking, credit cards and stock trading), insurance (claims processing), shipping (railroad and package delivery logistics), travel (fare publishing and reservations) and many other industries. By 2017, each mobile customer will make about 50 transactions per day, and as a result of each of those transactions, somewhere between 300 and 5,000 mainframe interactions will be generated. That number will only continue to grow as more people use mobile devices as their primary computing platform for both their personal and professional lives.

The facts haven't changed over the last 20 years and aren't likely to do so over the next decade. Mainframes are the most reliable and most available systems for scaling many of the high-volume, mission-critical digital workloads. So the next time you hear "mainframe," don't dismiss it as passé. Instead, think about using your mobile device to make purchases track your shipments and scheduling your next vacation.


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