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Secure the NEXT – Mitigate DDOS attacks

F5 Networks | July 11, 2016
Devices in the connected IoT world bring all sorts of convenient new features, but people often forget these devices are also network-connected.

Mitigating a DDoS Attack

When a company detects that it is under DDoS attack from its on-premise WAF, it switches the incoming traffic to a cloud-based DDOS scrubbing service like that offered by F5 Silverline to detect and scrub the traffic. Once traffic is scrubbed clean, they are sent from Silverline to the company. While this is going on, the company continues to operate as per normal. The scrubbing service effectively mitigates DDoS attacks which aim to bring down services, while enabling the company to continue to operate.

It is pertinent for businesses to protect their infrastructure from large-scale and incessant attacks, yet not compromise performance. This can be achieved with granular DDoS rules and policies coupled with contextual knowledge of identity and user access to applications and data, enabled by the automatic collection and analysis of data across deployment environments - data that includes SSL inspection, behavioural analytics, bandwidth usage, health monitoring and other statistics.

This ensures that attacks, for examples HTTP/S, SMTP, FTP, DNS and SIP can be detected sooner and mitigation activated swiftly and accurately via hardware, upstream or across cloud-based services. Businesses can thus be assured of a smooth and immediate transition back on service once attack traffic has subsided to manageable levels.


DDoS attacks will continue to increase in sophistication and capacity, potentially aided by the numerous IoT devices coming online. A hybrid mitigation approach is needed now more than ever.  The ability to amplify vastly and scale quickly makes it easy for an attack to easily cripple an organisation's operations, render their applications useless and gain access to critical data. That is why security solutions must be comprehensive enough to address the issue of ability, as well as hybrid environments while mitigating DDoS threats even as they strike the network. 


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