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Rounding out the IoT ecosystem in 2016

Glen Burrows, Area Vice President, Dell OEM, Asia Pacific and Japan | Feb. 5, 2016
As IoT continues to make headway in Asia Pacific, Glen Burrows of Dell shares his thoughts through this byline on the five big areas of development that we can expect in 2016 when it comes to IoT.

Massive amounts of big data will drive the need for analytics at the edge
Gartner recently forecast that there will be 6.4 billion connected things used worldwide in 2016. The more connected devices there are, the more data must be collected, analysed and stored. Last year saw the need for edge analytics to filter data at the point of capture. In 2016, new players will emerge and real-time methods like stream analytics will become popular as data analytics alternatives for the massive amounts of data.

Security threats will rise, creating a need for strong security practices
With more connected devices comes a greater risk of security threats and breaches. To ensure that organisations receive the strongest data protection possible, we will see the emergence of security models based on use cases and new technologies to address key challenges at the edge. Organisations providing commercial IoT solutions will need to find solutions that are easy to adopt without sacrificing security. Analysys Mason's commentary at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2015 suggests that security and reliability initiatives will increase as more IoT devices take on mission-critical roles, and regulators may insist on pre-launch testing for such critical applications.

Companies will recruit Chief IoT Officers
Similar to how the alignment of the CIO and CMO helped manage the crossover between IT and marketing, companies will experience growing pressure in 2016 to bridge the gap between the Operations and IT side of organisations. In response, organisations will witness the emergence of a new role - the Chief IoT Officer. With this new role in place, companies will move closer to realizing the full potential of IoT.

This year is the year that a critical mass of organizations will begin thinking about how secure, reliable and interoperable IoT solutions could give them quick, tangible paybacks. This demand will drive efforts to fill the gaps in the IoT ecosystem, providing the foundation for mainstream IoT in years to come.


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