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Ping! Buzz! Is It a New Car Photo or Customer Alert? Fixing the Broken Enterprise Messaging IoT Signal-to-Noise Ratio

David Gurle, CEO, Symphony | April 8, 2016
David Gurle of Symphony talks about how to manage the IoT to ensure that we receive the information truly needed, rather than whatever happens to show up on our myriad of communications channels.

Take, for example, the notion of hashtags, which were popularised on Twitter, but which have found their way to other social media platforms. Think about how hashtags can help prioritize internal business messages - such as letting a manager flag all correspondence relating to the #SmithProposal or #DailySalesReport or #RegulatoryAudit - irrespective of whether it's an email, an instant message, a conference call, an internal or external news feed, or an automated alert from the CRM system.

Business communications can learn more from social media by studying what works. How about @mentions that let you know when you are mentioned in an internal business message, so you know to chime in? Or $messages (also called cashtags) that let you know about specific securities or businesses? How about setting up ad-hoc secure communications groups for projects, where you can prioritize messaging in that group? How about configuring alert preferences - including vibrations and sounds - for specific categories of messages, and being able to alter those based on where you are, what time it is, and what you're doing?

Most important, how about setting up a user-centric cockpit where each employee can control his or her message preferences, filters and priorities - and where messages from all different streams can be aggregated, searched, shared, and archived.

It's a big vision, to be sure, but the signal/noise ratio is a big problem. We at Symphony provide our customers features to surface the signal. Too many car photos, not enough critical information on KPIs and workflow. We can change it. Now's the time, before the IoT turns the fire hose up to an unmanageable scale.


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