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Pay up: The free ride is over for corporate BYOD

Galen Gruman | Aug. 20, 2014
Some companies saw BYOD as a way to make employees pay to do their job, but a court ruling may end that abuse.

The Klinghoffer logic is the essential legal argument made to transfer the costs of required cellphone plans to the employee. That argument didn't fly in consumer-friendly California. But state courts aren't federal courts, and even in the federal system, no one has taken Klinghoffer to the Supreme Court. As a result, the legal waters remain technically unsettled.

What's likely to happen is that companies doing business across the United States will follow the California ruling, because following one (higher) standard ultimately costs less and is less risky than following multiple standards. Some employers will do just the letter of the law: Reimburse all or part of the phone portion of employee bills. Others will follow the spirit: Reimburse all or part of the whole bill, for both voice and data.

Of course, companies that want to be effective will have already put in place a sensible reimbursement program for employee activities such as using personal devices that make their business work better. They know that employees are the company, and making it easier to do better is a win-win for employer and employee alike.

It's sad that it takes court rulings to remind so many employers of that.

Source: InfoWorld


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