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Network security in the era of the Millennials

Jeff Castillo, Country Manager, Fortinet Philippines | Jan. 25, 2017
One of the toughest gigs in IT is the job of keeping an organisation's network safe. It is also one that is getting tougher with the rise of the millennial generation.

In the same way, the many social collaboration apps favoured by millennials can shift sensitive company information to insecure locations.

Mandating that staff stop using non-sanctioned devices and applications is unlikely to stop their growth in the organisation. Frankly, with the ubiquity of smartphones, employees are using social networks and their personal cloud apps whether your policies prevent it or not.

What could be more effective is to educate users, as well as implement technology - such as data encryption, access control, and traffic monitoring - to manage the issue.

From a larger perspective, shadow IT happens when your staff is not happy with the solutions provided by the organisation. While CIOs may not be able to prevent staff from seeking out alternative apps for, say, collaboration, they can keep things in check by being attuned to their needs.


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