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Missing all the signs: Desperately seeking a Watch flop

The Macalope | July 21, 2015
Guess what? Turns out it's easy to make the Apple Watch into a flop if you set completely unrealistic expectations and ignore any warning signs.

If the Watch had sold in blowout numbers, Apple might have mentioned them, but that was hardly even possible when initial supplies were likely constrained by faulty taptic engines. Fault Apple for poor due diligence if you want but that's not an effect of poor demand.

Apple said during their quarterly conference call back in October that they weren't going to break out Watch sales figures. This was something decided long before the first Watch shipped. If anything, that should have been another sign that they didn't expect the Watch to sell in blowout numbers. But pundits keep willfully missing the signs.

Whatever retail or online demand there is for the Apple Watch, it is being easily met.

Yes, the fact that you can actually buy an Apple Watch now after months of it being back-ordered is surely a terrible sign.

No one can say with certainty if the watch is a complete marketplace failure for the company...

No one can say with certainty the thing I said repeatedly until someone called me out on it.

So you don't like the term "flop"? That's fine! I guess not everyone expects as much out of Apple as I do.

That's right, we don't expect Apple to release an iPhone every time Tim Cook takes the stage. That's called being reasonable.


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