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Looking forward to 2015

Patrick Hubbard, Head Geek at SolarWinds | Jan. 30, 2015
A glimpse into IT trends to watch for in 2015 that will shape how IT personnel tackle associating pain points.

So, as this debate increases momentum, IT pros must get to grips with their network and app stack to ensure they have complete visibility of anything that could potentially slow or put the network at risk.

6.       To SDN, and beyond...

Software-defined networking (SDN) may take off in 2015 with Singapore's Economic Development Board engaging in partnerships to drive initiatives that align with the country's digital IT hub status.

However, things are moving slowly and baby steps seems to be the best approach particularly as SDN opens up a whole host of challenges for again securing the network and ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency. On the plus side, network admins are beginning to believe in the benefits of network programmability and are actively investigate SDN technology.  It's a huge opportunity for career acceleration for those early to the table.

7.       The advancement of self-organised networks in an IoT age 

Singapore is no stranger toself-organising networks (SON) technology since a major local service provider deployedto improve service delivery. The objective of tapping on SON is tosimplify and speed up planning, configuration, management and optimisation of mobile communications networks. It's the end benefit to the enabling technology of SDN, where networks become truly Application Centric. 

However, what's lacking in current SON is acceptable security and auditing.  IT managers already have enough problems achieving policy compliance with command-line interface-based policy.  Migrating to virtual dashboards requiring entirely new management skillsets creates opportunity for vulnerability that must be mitigated for SON to succeed.


2015 needs to be the year where IT admins can be guaranteed complete visibility into these converged infrastructures. IT Pros need to move beyond the siloed mind-set and adopt a more holistic, app-centric view of network monitoring. They must seek a full view of the technologies supporting applications, and connect the dots between the full application stack; that is, the application code, software, and hardware components required for an application to operate at peak performance. Composite monitoring will allow the network admin to see the entire picture and define the source of an outage quickly and efficiently, with the minimum impact on business.


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