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Let users choose enterprise cloud applications

David Politis, founder and CEO, BetterCloud | July 16, 2015
It will benefit your organisation, make you look like a hero and increase your job security.

* Gauge adoption. Once the product(s) have been rolled out take the organization's pulse and measure total adoption. If there are units or departments with issues, focus on special training to bring them into the fold and ensure uniformity.

There are many new end-user cloud productivity applications gaining converts and boosting productivity across the world, including Dropbox, Slack, Hipchat, Google Apps and Office 365, to name but a few. In fact, your company probably already has a population using some of these applications, whether on work or personal accounts. There is a reason your users have these apps, and like them -- they are all class leading in what they do.

Pushing back against these upstarts only provides a temporary finger in the dike, ensuring people will figure out a way to use the applications they want to use but in secret. After all, IT is not there to be punitive, it's there to enable users with awesome applications while keeping them secure.

Above all, you shouldn't delay the decision to implement new software out of fear. Users today have a much higher tolerance for change, and when it's really bad they're not even afraid to start asking directly for it, particularly when they understand how the new software will make them better at their jobs, save time and reduce menial tasks.

Done the right way--with ample communication and empowering the very people who will be using it--migrating to new cloud apps will fundamentally change the way your business operates. It will even help you secure your position in the company as the hero and set your organization up for the coming decade or two. There's no question that change is difficult. But champions exist in your organization right now, all you need to do is find them.


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