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IT and business remain apart -- and that's a good thing

Galen Gruman | April 4, 2014
The irony is that some of that divide is healthy, but few companies can tell the good from the bad.

It's a rare IT organization that does this kind of proactive, out-of-the-box technology exploration. If you have one, savor it. If you don't, stop expecting IT to act that way. If it's not doing that now, it's clearly not culturally able to do so. Let some other group do it instead, and let your IT department do whatever it is actually good at.

At the end of the day, you want groups -- whatever they're called -- doing what they're good at and staying out of the way of others. This is where you can narrow the IT/business divide, by reforming it as a federation of groups, not as duopoly that focuses on the wall between it. If you do that, you'll be left with the IT/business divide you do want: one based on aspirations that are always pulling you forward.

Source: InfoWorld


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