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IP is running out of gas. It's time for the New IP

Christine Heckart, CMO, Brocade Communications | March 1, 2016
The classic IP networks that support everything today were simply not designed to meet the needs of the connected world that is emerging.

Mega-disruptions tend to roil markets, yes. But they also bring with them mega-benefits: businesses run more efficiently.  Consumers benefit from better social and professional interactions.  And innovation – a true yardstick for output -- kicks up a few notches or more.

Companies that make the transition early, or are born from it, tend to win and lead their industries.  On the flip side, those that transition late, or not at all, can miss out completely.  We saw impressive, and devastating, examples of both outcomes in the first transition to mainframes and the second to client-server computing.

Transitions are also a unique opportunity for those heroes who lead the change in their organizations. Careers will be made by leaders who take networking from the tactical basement, where it’s seen as a cost center, to the strategic corner office, where it’s a business driver and enabler of new services and growth.

New IP, in this higher sense, isn’t just a useful network architecture -- it’s a critical transition tool and platform that will help the modern business world truly move to the next level, and help us all achieve more than we ever thought possible.


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