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iClever Backlit Foldable Keyboard review: This portable keyboard is a cut above its peers

Séamus Bellamy | July 1, 2016
This peripheral is worth traveling with.

I can easily live with this design choice, though. If I had to choose between a non-backlit keyboard made from better-quality plastic but with a less enjoyable typing experience, and a backlit keyboard that feels sturdy and allows me to type at full speed in any lighting condition, I’d choose the backlit option every time. According to iClever, users can expect about five hours of use from the keyboard between charges with the backlight on, and up to 30 hours of typing with the lights turned off.

Further thoughts and conclusion

That’s the good—let’s talk about the mediocre.

Unlike the Jorno, the iClever doesn’t come with a case that does double-duty as a tablet stand, nor does it come with a built-in stand like the ZAGG. But let’s be honest: There are a gazillion lightweight device stands out there. Chances are, your tablet case already has that feature. So, no big loss there.

The iClever does come with a storage bag, which is a nice touch. It keeps the keyboard’s aluminum shell from getting scratched up as it bounces around in your backpack. The bag is cheaply made and just barely fits the keyboard, however.

Battery life is definitely a drawback for this keyboard. I’m especially disappointed with the short amount of runtime when the backlights are on. Five hours isn’t enough, especially for a student, journalist, or other individual who fills their day with the written word. Turning off the backlight or charging the iClever at the end of every day is a drag. 

But having considered the pros and cons of all the folding keyboards I’ve evaluated so far, the iClever is still the best choice for individuals who want to get some serious work done. Just don't stray too far from AC. 


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