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How to bring IT up to business speed

James Tay, CEO, Logicalis Asia | Jan. 26, 2016
This blog highlights how the rate of delivering new systems and functionality can no longer meet the demand of other business units at a manageable pace.

With these layers in place, the IT department will be perfectly positioned to support digital business innovation and respond immediately to changing demand. IT staff will be able to provision and control resources from the

The Data Centre will be able to support changing demands and priorities. They will be able to control their networks in real-time and finely tune the service available to users to match their specific needs. They will be able to operate service and software defined platforms with considerably less manual intervention. Ultimately they will be better equipped to protect against new and changing security threats.

In order to make the successful transition to the Service Defined Infrastructure and IT by Wire, CIOs must adopt more than a new operational model; they must also adopt a new set of principles. These include:

  • Focus on delivering a 360° user experience
  • Operate every IT platform with business outcomes as the primary KPI
  • Define Services. Deliver what your line-of-business wants to buy
  • Adopt pre-validated platforms as the first choice for internal IT architectures
  • Automate, Automate, Automate: experiences, processes and platforms
  • Position IT as the internal service provider rather than technology fixers

CIOs face a simple choice

In the drive to deliver a better workplace experience, mobility experience, information experience and application experience, CIOs face a simple choice. They can choose to compete with the market to deliver what their business needs, or they can choose to harness the market to deliver what their business needs.

The reality is that the business has decided that it likes what it sees in the open market and it wants to embrace technology consumerism. Therefore, choosing to harness and manage the market as part of a Service Defined Infrastructure must be a big part of the answer.

The CIO can build a new environment that matches the agility and speed available in the open market, but no internal environment can hope to compete with the scale of the public cloud. Therefore, the only sensible and sustainable strategy must be to build and manage a hybrid portfolio that combines best-in-class in-house and cloud-based IT services. And that portfolio will evolve constantly.

The Service Defined Infrastructure and 'IT by wire' model will connect seamlessly to the public cloud, building secure connections between on-premises on public cloud services. It will give the business near instant access to the scale it needs for specific tasks, workloads and use-cases, and will provide IT with a new set of options for expensive, but rarely used, services such as disaster recovery and backup.



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