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Hiring right in 2015

Emmanuel White | April 7, 2015
The winners in hiring in 2015 are those who are prepared to think beyond the norm.

Hiring used to be relatively simple. Place an ad in a newspaper, state what you needed and sit back and wait for superb candidates to call you. Not any more.  Today's hiring environment has changed, and to define, find and secure great talent in 2015, you'll need to think smarter than ever.

Hudson's The Hiring Report: The State of Hiring in Singapore 2015 surveyed 519 professionals and hiring managers across Singapore. Here's what we found.

Know your hires

It's still important to map out a role description, skills and experience, but to find the kind of talent who will not just stay, but excel, smart businesses are now profiling the kind of person they want to fill the position. This means assessing psychometric attributes and motivational drivers that match the job description and complement both the team and the organisation.

Putting it into practice:

Thirty six per cent of Singapore professionals say they are seeing a rise in psychometric testing.  It benefits the role, by increasing retention and results; the team, by improving the team dynamics when the right fit is made; and the organisation - hire for motivation and cultural fit and you get innovation and creativity.

Find the best

In 2015 candidates are everywhere, but not necessarily in one place regularly or for a long time.  To find them, build a sourcing map by defining the best places to find your candidates and then carry out a robust sourcing strategy.

Putting it into practice:

When sourcing, remember that nine in 10 Singapore hiring managers now feel they need to look beyond active job seekers to find the right candidate. Engaging the passive market as part of your sourcing strategy will ensure you don't miss out on the best.

Understand your market

It's more important than ever to know what your target market wants. The better you do this, the higher your chance of creating, and selling, an offering that will appeal.

Putting it into practice:

Singapore professionals nominate work life balance and cultural fit in their top five priorities in a new role in 2015. Most of us want to work hard, make our mark and achieve in our jobs - but increasingly we want to do so with balance in our life, and with like-minded peers in an environment where we feel valued.

Brand is key for both candidate and company

Brand has become increasingly important. Only four per cent of Singapore professionals say a company's brand doesn't matter to them when applying for a role. EVP - the employee value proposition - has arrived and hiring managers need to ensure their EVP is strong enough to attract the best candidates.


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