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GUEST BLOG: The Macalope weekly: Early reviews

The Macalope | Aug. 27, 2012
An Apple television set may or may not be coming for a while yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t compare it to other products, right? And, heck, if we can compare the mythical Apple television to other things, we sure as heck can compare the next iPhone to things, right? Finally, how ‘bout that Tim Cook?

Wow, this has been a pretty quick journey from the lede to here, hasnt it? The Macalope thinks he may have gotten whiplash.

Pundits, no one knows what an Apple television will look like yet. Please stop trying to review it or compare it to existing products.

Choose wisely

Our journey of adventurecomparing things that exist to those that dontcontinues, as the Houston Chronicles Dwight Silverman asks Which is the better buy: the next iPhone or a Galaxy S III? (tip o the antlers to Mike McConnell).

So & uh & Dwight.

You do know that the next iPhone isnt even &

Yeah, you know.

As you know, Im considering switching from an iPhone to an Android smartphone. Ill make my decision once I see the next iPhone, which may or may not be unveiled on Sept. 12.

What the hey?! Does Texas have bait-and-switch laws?

&if the next iPhone is my choice, Im going to bump up to the 64-gigabyte model. My iPhone 4 has 32-GB of storage, and because Ive got nearly 20 GB of music on it, the phone is almost full. And thats not all my music Ive probably got another 5 GB of songs that I am not syncing to the device to save space.

The Macalopes new name for you is Nutty edge-case guy. Or maybe Nutty edge-case guy who doesnt doesnt know how Smart Playlists work.

Im presuming Apple will keep the same price structure with the next iPhone&

Gosh, who knew analyzing products that dont exist yet would be so fraught with uncertainty?

Silverman notes that by buying a 16GB Samsung Galaxy S III and a 64GB memory card, he can get an 80GB phone for less than a 32GB iPhone. And he doesnt even mention all the space hell save by having fewer quality apps to choose from!

In addition, I could sell my iPhone 4 to recoup much of this cost. If I was to unlock it and sell it on eBay, it could fetch well over $300.

Huh. Why is it that the resale value of iPhones is so high, while the resale value of Android phones is so much lower? OH, WELL.

Still, the biggest factors in my decision to switch or stay put will be the quality of the hardware and software, as well as the overall ecosystem.

Then why are we even having this discussion?

If Apple offers a cutting-edge iPhone that leaps ahead of the top Android devices, the price wont matter all that much.

Well, it all depends on how you define cutting edge. If cutting edge is some features-based list of checkboxes, then enjoy your Android phone. If, however, cutting edge is the phone with the best overall user experience...


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