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GUEST BLOG: How prepared are you for the unseen in the cloud?

Eric Haissaguerre | Oct. 31, 2013
All too often, many organisations with large IT departments do not examine their operations deeply enough before they embark on their cloud transformation.

Speed and scope are important considerations. If the assessment drags on for too long or is not comprehensive enough, this could lead to a re-assessment. This means incurring additional costs and may even jeopardise the business case.

My experience is that cloud customers in Asia Pacific place a great deal of importance on the ability to transform gradually. They choose evolution over revolution, enabling them to move smoothly from their current infrastructure to a new delivery model that will enable 'agile' resource planning and provisioning. They seek transformation but they also want minimum disruption of the existing models, while having the flexibility to adapt the new cloud model to their business needs.

Cloud offers and service delivery have matured over the last few years. Earlier, enterprises would only consider dedicated private cloud infrastructure to support their mission-critical systems and use public cloud for integration and testing purposes. This is changing. Organisations today use both dedicated and virtual cloud infrastructure for core applications that require stringent security and performance guarantees.

CIOs in Asia are increasingly considering hybrid cloud models over others. This makes it even more necessary to carefully plan the transition and gradual transformation. Assessing the correlated impact is crucial as the cloud delivery model will dynamically adapt to business demands.

Cloud computing is like an iceberg. The on-going cloud debate is only the tip of it. There's a lot more underneath. Moving to the cloud is not 'all or nothing', 'now or never'. Cloud is a journey and planning carefully is a major step to guarantee success.

Eric Haissaguerre is Head, Cloud and IT Services -- APAC, Orange Business Services


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