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Google completes its office suite for iOS, to no one's benefit

Galen Gruman | Sept. 1, 2014
Google Slides is a limited, awkward tool that shows -- for mobile productivity -- the real battle is between Apple and Microsoft.

And forget any bells and whistles, such as Office's ability to set a password to app access or Keynote's ability to remote-control a presentation from another iOS device or Mac.

This limited creation and editing capability is not limited to Slides; Docs and Sheets have the same limitations. The Android versions are also more limited than the desktop Web versions, by the way, but you'll get extra features in Android versus what you get in iOS. An example is the ability to do tables in a text document in Android's Docs. Google Apps for Android is better than Google Apps for iOS, but still short of Google Apps for a desktop browser.

The bottom line is that Google's Apps trio is a poor choice for mobile productivity, and it's much less capable than its desktop Web suite. Any organization with a serious mobile workforce should be looking at Apple or Microsoft for productivity tools that are capable across the desktop, Web, and mobile environments. Not Google.

Source: InfoWorld


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