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Flash: The disruptive technology powering your mobile life

Tom Zack, President, South East Asia, EMC Corporation | Sept. 30, 2014
Flash storage technology remains one of the biggest technology disruptors in the history of computing.

Tom Zack of EMC

It's a Mobile World
From a technology adoption perspective, the pressure to move fast, whilst simultaneously innovating and executing has never been greater.

One of the powerful trends that is transforming IT is Mobile - the use of smartphones, tablet computers and new form factor PCs to access applications and information from anywhere. Mobile is increasingly playing a key role in driving the journey to the third platform of IT.

mobile world

The Mobile trend has pervaded our everyday lives. It is so closely intertwined with our lifestyles - our unique habits, preferences and expectations, that we sometimes take no notice of it. 

  • Habits: Some days you might decide to start your shopping earlier or complete your banking on your smartphone while you're in transit on your daily commute.
  • Preferences: It is about knowing how you want your news delivered and why you always go to a particular store first to shop for, find and purchase the perfect outfit for a special occasion.
  • Expectations: Expecting instant access to the right information to help you manage everything important to you - from finances to your health or staying connected with friends.


A remarkable, nearly-invisible technology rests at the intersection of billions of people around the world and their every waking moment.

Flash technology is a core technology that was born in the consumer world, has grown up quickly-gotten more affordable-and now is a strategic element of most next generation data centers. Flash enables a unique window to our own personalized world, and for some is woven throughout life as a constant companion as they run, sleep, wake up, talk, eat, sit and walk. It makes today's on-the-run lifestyle possible.

What's so special about flash?

  • Flash delivers unprecedented data access performance for both random and sequential data, delivering superior application throughput and response time performance for virtualized environments;
  • Flash is a semiconductor technology, involving no mechanical parts;
  • Flash consumes much less power, as there are no disks to spin and no mechanical arms to move, and requires much less cooling, helping alleviate over taxed data center environments.

Flash storage technology remains one of the biggest technology disruptors in the history of computing -- both consumer grade and enterprise grade flash. Whether a powerful small chip to turbocharge the performance in a camera or phone or whether an enterprise drive that is turbocharging a database application-flash is central to delivering orders of magnitude better performance to the databases, virtual environments and analytics powering this "Market of One" experience to users.


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