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F5 Networks’ predictions for 2015

Emmanuel Bonnassie, Senior Vice President of Sales, Asia Pacific, F5 Networks | Jan. 5, 2015
Mining for consumer hyperawareness, digitally enhancing public services and maximizing the cloud.

People are already sharing what they are eating on Instagram, for example, could be more inclined to complete a government survey on the subject. Tapping that technology and behavior may help health authorities take steps to improve nutrition or reduce obesity. The benefits can even extend to schools as governments are able to better personalize education based on data garnered from students and their work. The challenges of ensuring such information is secured would be compounded though, as the public sector handles a preponderance of data.

Governments will also be ramping up their use of social media to engage citizens. In Indonesia, President Joko Widodo recently utilized crowdsourcing for the selection of his cabinet. In nearby Singapore, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong employed social media to give fans a chance to attend the country's National Day Rally.

Maximizing the cloud instead of merely adopting it

For years, the IT industry has been on fire with the idea of getting businesses to move their technology into the cloud - replacing, and in many cases replicating, existing physical data centers with a cloud-based equivalent. A recent survey revealed that the majority of business applications will be deployed to multiple clouds across several geographies in the next 12 months.

However, while much fanfare has surrounded the adoption of cloud, less attention has been given to its efficiency. By not making full use of the cloud, enterprises might end up with operational expenditure (OPEX) bills as big, or bigger than the capital expenditure (CAPEX) that they are trying to eliminate.

CIOs and technology vendors need to be prepared to meet the new demands of cloud optimization, even as they wake up to the true value that it brings. A new era of cloud will begin, as enterprises balance to find the sweet spot between cloud adoption and optimization to maximize their IT budget in 2015.


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