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Ensuring business health in the year of the Goat

Leslie Ong, Country Manager, VMware Singapore | Feb. 24, 2015
Leslie Ong, Country Manager, VMware Singapore, outlines the three key technologies – hybrid cloud, software-defined data centers and end-user computing – that IT businesses should adopt to stay agile and competitive in the mobile-cloud era.

This vendor-written piece has been edited by Executive Networks Media to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favour the submitter's approach.

Leslie Ong, Country Manager, VMware Singapore

An emblem of harmonious co-existence and serenity, goats are often known to the Chinese as a bearer of good health and a symbol of peace. True to the spirit of the goat, 2015 brings with it the promise of enhanced business health in Singapore and the ASEAN region with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecasting a solid year of 5.6% growth in 2015.

Fluid, instant and secure are defining today's brave new IT as businesses move towards third platform technologies and enter the next wave in mobile and cloud based applications. In today's "on demand" world, traditional business models are being replaced by new and agile business models that are able to change and adapt to dynamic businesses models instantaneously. With terms like 'Fluid businesses' getting more mainstream, it's getting harder to decide between technologies that can help you stay afloat versus those that enable you to race ahead of the competition. VMware suggests the mantra of three:

1.     A Unified Hybrid Cloud Platform

A recent VMware research indicates high adoption trends for private and hybrid cloud. While cloud continues to be a natural choice for business in 2015, it may not be the deciding factor for success. Moving to the cloud has its issues around availability and performance as well as choosing different environments for specific workloads.

2015 promises to break the silos of technology as businesses now have access to tools that offer both scale and performance for both simple and complex business needs (including apps, graphic intensive applications in virtual desktop environments). Speed that is 10 times faster, minimal downtime, live migration and continuous availability with simplified management at scale - previously seen as wishful requirements are now easily accessible to businesses. At the end, technology deployment is a business choice and this also is a deciding factor between achievers and those that stay behind.

2.     Software Defined Enterprise

As software-defined networking, storage, data centers and security mature, IDC expects businesses across ASEAN to be able to avoid as much as US$7 billion by 2020. Specific to Singapore it would mean an estimated US$4.7billion in savings.  

Simply being able to virtualize some servers has limited value, but when combined with a highly automated infrastructure, IT departments can deliver a great degree of IT agility. The mantra for success is the ability to bridge the gap between a client-server world and a cloud-mobile world. With declining IT budgets, businesses need to be selective about which systems that they choose.


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