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Empowering the modern workforce

John Hansen, Vice President, Applications Development and Product Management, JAPAC | Dec. 2, 2014
Effective management of human capital can have a decisive impact on organisational success, and it is thus imperative for organisations to deploy a comprehensive workforce management (WFM) strategy.

Staying relevant to changing business conditions

Apart from the benefits of workforce and insight analysis, deploying the right WFM strategy also enables organisations to stay ahead of developments across the global business landscape. With market demands, industry conditions, legislative developments and emerging governance and compliance needs, having in place the right WFM practices makes it much easier for organisations to monitor these shifts and stay up to date at all times.

Developing every employee's potential

Also imperative to every organisation is the need to attract and retain the best talent. The best talent is often found within the organisation, but this potential source of expertise may remain unexploited if organisations fail to identify and harness their abilities. To address this need, WFM enables the systematic assessment and tracking of each employee's capabilities, which can then aid in the development of professional training programs designed to nurture every individual[i]. Essentially, by understanding every employee's potential, businesses can then better match their strengths with roles that will enhance their careers, and more importantly, boost their overall efficiency and value to the organisation.

Fundamentally, a comprehensive WFM strategy is key to attracting, developing and maintaining a high-quality workforce. This strategy provides a wealth of strategic data that, when properly harnessed, can have a decisive impact on the long-term viability of every organisation. By identifying and addressing critical gaps in the workforce, organisations become empowered with the capability to transform their human capital into a productive, effective and successful foundation for business growth.


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