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Drive faster response, stronger security and better compliance in 2016

Gavin Selkirk, President, BMC Asia Pacific Japan | Feb. 1, 2016
Gavin Selkirk of BMC shares what to consider when developing a plan to counter cyber threats.

Set Your Game Plan in 2016

With security breaches not looking to decline in the short-term, it is crucial for businesses to set a game plan to address the SecOps Gap. There are three critical elements to the plan - People, Process, and Technology.

People. A strong people strategy is the heart of an effective change management initiative. Start with setting a consistent vision for the security and operations teams. The teams need to realize that they are interdependent and have shared goals with regards to the overall security of the business. These goals need to be balanced together with the needs of the business to be agile and reliable.

Process. The processes need to be reviewed in light of the shared goals and objectives. Repetitive, manual workflows should be evaluated to find out the possibilities of automation. Hand-overs within the businesses need to be tighter and provide opportunities for feedback and learning.

Technology. Technology should be deployed to facilitate the coordination and collaboration of businesses. It is vital to be precise, and ensure that the technology you choose is built to solve the root problem and not just portions of it. It must also be able to handle the demands and complexity of your business. Automation tools to institute corrective actions and a centralized view into vulnerabilities and remediation actions are key.

The bottom line is that the flood waters of security breaches will continue to rise until something significant is done. 2016 needs to be the year for action. 


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