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Delivering everything as-a-service

Fi Slaven, general manager of William Buck Victoria, secretary of the Victorian ICT for Women Network, and director of the Go Girl Go for IT Expo. | Oct. 6, 2015
IT leaders should be welcoming the as-a-service revolution as an opportunity to access the right skills, innovation and outcomes.

Purchasing on-demand and/or bolt-on additions as required, can be faster in delivering outcomes desired, provide diverse options and be potentially cheaper. It simply makes good business sense.

I understand it can be confronting when your architecture maps are more about identifying a variety of providers and the associated integrations over the physical assets of the past. It means key personal are more ‘traffic controllers’ instead of the ‘actual pilots’. That is a challenge, but just another part of change.

Personally, I am really excited about the opportunities an as-a-service approach brings and what new and niche services will appear through our vendors and budding entrepreneurs. As technology leaders, we need to be bold, facilitate change and determine to what extent we embrace these new alternatives. XaaS is definitely here, so let’s be ready.


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