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Comparing Apples to lemons: Windows Phone beats Apple Watch

The Macalope | July 29, 2015
As the artist formerly knowns as Prince and is possibly again known as Prince (who can keep up?) once wrote: Oh, no, let's go crazy.

As the artist formerly knowns as Prince and is possibly again known as Prince (who can keep up?) once wrote: Oh, no, let's go crazy.

Writing for USA Today, Matt Kranz has really taken the words of His Royal Badness to heart. Aaaaand written something that is royally bad.

"Microsoft's phone outsells Apple Watch" (tip o' the antlers to @papanic)

Phone. Watch.

Huh. That's...


Apple still won't say how many watches it sold.


But one thing most likely for sure: It was beaten by Microsoft's phone.

Slow, confused, scattered applause and coughing before heading quickly to the exits.

Microsoft told investors during last night's conference call it sold 8.4 million Lumia smartphones a more than 10 percent increase from the same period last year.

That's pretty good. But since we're committed to this dumb comparisons of Watches to Phones the Macalope feels compelled to point out that 10 percent would be about 800,000 more phones. Apple, meanwhile, sold probably about 4 million more Watches than they sold in the previous year, so... you sure you want to stick with this?

While Microsoft was able to move more units, they weren't able to move more dollars. Their phone revenue was down 38 percent from the same quarter last year. Benedict Evans even speculates that Watch revenue for just the two full months it was on sale last quarter might have been larger than Windows Phone revenue for the whole quarter. But they totally beat the Apple Watch unit sales numbers. No question about that.

Many, many other questions like "What poor life choices led us to this argument?" but no question about that.

That's just smartphones. Microsoft also sells non-smartphones to the tune of 19.4 million.

Wow! It's too bad Apple doesn't sell phones so we could compare sales of Windows Phone to that. OH, WELL.

No matter if you take all Microsoft phone sales 27.8 million or just the smartphones at 8.4 million both numbers are much larger than what people estimate Apple Watch sales to be.


Is everything OK at home, Matt? Because... yeeeeeeeee.

Despite a media frenzy and aggressive marketing, Apple likely sold just 4 million watches during the period...

What are we doing here? It seems unreal we're arguing about this comparison. You know, Coke probably sold more cans of cola than Apple sold iPhones last quarter in case you're looking for a topic for your next article.

Some Wall Street analysts think the number was likely even lower.

Some analysts think it was higher and it's clear that Apple has vaulted into the lead of the, admittedly small, smartwatch category!


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