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Can mobile go truly global?

Tim Sherwood, Vice President, Mobile Market Development & Strategy, Tata Communications | April 1, 2015
What does the demand for ubiquitous global connectivity mean for the mobile industry?

Instead, a holistic view is required, encompassing reporting, troubleshooting and commercial optimisation. A real-time roaming intelligence service should allow mobile network operators to improve their customers' roaming experience by reducing service outages. Disruption to roaming services can cause significant commercial loss for mobile operators, trigger customer churn and negatively affect market perception, so the introduction of such a service will help mobile network operators increase business efficiency and drive revenue in this fast-evolving landscape.

As we come closer to ubiquitous mobile connectivity, the challenge for mobile operators from a consumer perspective will be to win back and retain customers by delivering a universal quality of service across operator networks, while giving users affordable access to voice and data services wherever they might be. One growing trend will be towards sponsored data, where bandwidth consumption is charged to a third-party sponsor, rather than to the end-user.

These are just a couple of examples of the developments in the mobile industry that are paving the way for our connected future. However, to truly lay the foundations for ubiquitous mobile connectivity, with global, affordable and consistent mobile services, the industry needs a structure that lets all ecosystem players connect and collaborate to reach users on a global basis. The best way to foster this collaborative environment is by partnering with providers that already have multiple relationships with other global operators, with experience delivering global applications, media and services.

If the industry can collaborate in this way, the idea of a mobile world, which was a mere dream a few years back, could become a reality. This, combined with the extraordinary pace of technological innovation and developments in mobile infrastructure, roaming and sponsored data, amongst others, make this ubiquitous mobile world possible. The future is undoubtedly mobile, and as network connectivity progresses, the world—and ultimately our lives—will become "smarter" than ever before.


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