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Businesses need to embrace IoT and build the right partnerships to succeed

James Tay, CEO, Logicalis Asia | May 16, 2016
IoT is not an IT revolution; it is an IT evolution.

To take advantage of the IoT, however, all these businesses will need to import new skills - they will need partners with expertise in all the technologies that ultimately unlock the value of the data in all these "things".

These include technologies such as:

  • Converged and intelligent network platforms that are able to connect "things" to each other and the systems that control them, be that wired or wireless
  • Data centre infrastructure that can scale to accommodate the flood of data, that is agile enough to leverage process changes and powerful enough to analyse all the data in the first place
  • Next generation security that provides the visibility and control the business will need to ensure that the "things" do what they are meant to, and don't create holes ready for exploitation
  • Business analytics that provide meaningful insight, and that are able to visualise information in a way the business understands

Businesses will need to build partnerships and collaborations with others in the IoT ecosystem, either at a strategic or operational level. IoT is one area where the expertise of one company may not be sufficient.

These partnerships will assist businesses to achieve such crucial tasks as product and service development, creating new channels to market, or adding value to applications and services.

They need to identify a host of potential partners including device and model manufacturers, M2M and IoT platform providers, connectivity providers such as mobile network operators or fixed line communications service providers, solution providers and system integrators.

Perhaps more importantly, these partners cannot be 'technology first'. They must be genuinely customer and business orientated - putting customers at the centre to truly understand their markets.

Only that combination of customer centricity, insight and technical excellence will allow these partners to navigate the complexities inherent in IoT; to identify and seize the value IoT represents for every customer.


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