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BLOG:Samsung hires Tim Cudgel, longtime Apple retail store designer

Yoni Heisler | Dec. 19, 2013
Well, you can cue up the ole "Start your photocopiers" joke that Apple used to make about Microsoft. According to The Information, Samsung recently hired former Apple retail store designer Tim Cudgel.

Well, you can cue up the ole "Start your photocopiers" joke that Apple used to make about Microsoft. According to The Information, Samsung recently hired former Apple retail store designer Tim Cudgel. A five year Apple veteran, Cudgel previously had architectural stints at Novartis and Gehry Partners. 

According to his LinkedIn profile, Cudgel stopped working at Apple this past November. The Information speculates that the hire may signal Samsung's intention to really beef up their retail efforts. 

Forget the floating Google showrooms. When it comes to retail, Samsung Electronics is contemplating a bigger plunge.

The South Korean company's U.S. telecom unit recently hired a senior Apple store designer, Tim Gudgel, as it ponders a deeper investment in U.S. retail, according to two people close to the company. Mr. Gudgel specializes in store design and planning.

As it stands now, Samsung lacks a standalone retail presence, though it did announce this past April plans to open up approximately 1,400 "store within a store" areas at Best Buy locations nationwide.

Having been to a few Best Buy locations with these Samsung "store within a store" concepts, I can attest that they're really well done, and in some instances, really outshine Apple's own "store within a store" areas. Of course, it remains to be seen what type of long term business effects Samsung's partnership with Best Buy yields.

It will certainly be more than interesting if Samsung tries to up the ante and follow Apple's lead into the world of brick and mortar retail stores. Microsoft seemingly hasn't had much success with their initiative, but Samsung has a much more varied and intriguing product line than Microsoft. From TVs to smartphones to tablets and all types of electronic devices in between, a Samsung retail store might actually have some legs to it.

Source: Network World


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