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BLOG: Where will the Steve Jobs tech excitement come from now?

Matt Hamblen | Oct. 10, 2011
Steve Jobs lived his life at the intersection of technology and art, but where will that vision come from now?

"The Jobs' vision of technology was to make a smooth intersection into our lives and our work, and that was what put Apple ahead of the pack. He redirected engineering from technical engineering to engineering for usability."

While Gold said that approach will certainly continue at Apple, he added, "It remains to be seen who can pick up that mantle now that he is gone."

Ramon Llamas, an analyst at IDC, said it will be hard for any other CEO in the technology industry to measure up to Jobs' "true vision, leadership and charisma." He questioned whether those qualities could come from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer or even the leadership team at Google .

"There's a lot of technology outside of Apple's technology that is just so kludgy," Llamas added. "One thing overlooked about Jobs was that he was a Renaissance man. Apple's DNA was built on Jobs' DNA. You can file what Jobs did under genius and visionary but there was a source to that and it came from things he learned outside of conventional education."


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