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BLOG: Top 5 technology failures of the US government

Paul Venezia | Feb. 11, 2014
The United States faces difficult problems, but these five threaten to derail the nation's technological and economic leadership

Failure No 5: Privacy violations 
Then there's the NSA. In its zeal to "protect" the United States, it's run roughshod over the constitutional rights of just about every American and angered allies far and wide. The NSA doesn't even appear to realize why its clandestine data collection efforts are so appalling.

Although we are discussing the personal data that was lost to thieves at Target, Neiman Marcus, and a host of other companies, we aren't talking about what would happen if some or all of the data the NSA has collected were to fall into the wrong hands. An NSA security breach could result in blackmail material for major business and world leaders, among numerous other grim possibilities. And you can be sure that if such a breach were to occur, it wouldn't be publicized like the Target fiasco was.

It's not lost on me that many of the same people defending the NSA are in the same breath claiming that the government can't do anything right. If the NSA is part of the government, and the government can't do anything right, then forgive me if I don't have the utmost faith in the security of the data it collects.

It couldn't be more obvious that we are heading toward a more technology-centric future with every passing moment. Artifically hamstringing the usefulness, effectiveness, affordability, and security of that technology serves us no long-term good and in time will prove to be extremely damaging to our nation as a whole. If we can address these problems now, we will not only improve our lot in the short term, but also prevent a multitude of deeper problems and failures later. 

Source: InfoWorld


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