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BLOG: The secret to IT business success: Stop focusing on the tech

Brian Katz | May 14, 2013
Too many IT organizations buy a thoroughbred when the business needs plow horses

I spent part of today like I do many other days: I sat in a meeting where people discussed technology and how to deploy it. It was a conversation that, while not above my head, had me swimming in daydream land. It wasn't the first time this discussion had been had, and it wouldn't be the last.

It only got worse later in the day when I attended a Twitter chat about cloud and mobile  it was the same stuff that I had listened to earlier in the day. They were talking about things like what mobile cloud service should people in the enterprise use, whether mobile cloud services save enterprises money, and more like that. It isn't hard to see why IT is failing these days: We get stuck in the technological conversation and forget what we're actually trying to do.

Think about it for a second. How do most IT departments act? They've spent years as the gatekeepers of everything that involves computing in one way or another. It used to be what type of desktop you got, then it became whether you could get a laptop  and unless you were some high muckity-muck, you got the standard laptop with barely enough memory and certainly not the best processor or hard drive.

Then there's the infrastructure. It used to be easy for IT departments: They could choose your servers and storage, and you had to know the right person to bribe to get it just a little bit faster for your project.

Now those same tendencies are coming into play with cloud, mobile, and big data  and, really, just about any technology. IT is trying to keep hold of the reins. Except these days, anyone can whip out the corporate AmEx and order as many virtual machines as they want from or Rackspace and be off and running before IT has any idea.

The real question: How do you turn this ship around? How do you get IT to go from being reactive to proactive? Its job is no longer to be the gatekeeper of technology but to herald technological innovation and use it to enable the business. The key word is "enable" -- we don't want to slow down the business but instead enable it to get where it wants to go as quickly as possible while still being secure and smart about it.

That is a tall order. But it is the job.

The easy part  well, it's not easy but it requires only a change in attitude  to succeeding in that job is to partner with the business and understand where it wants to go. It's hard to help anyone get anywhere these days unless you understand his or her strategy. You certainly can't align your technology strategy to meet the business's need if you have no idea what that need is.


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