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BLOG: The Samsung Galaxy S4 is far from perfect

Alan Shimel | July 9, 2013
My top 10 pet peeves with my Galaxy S4.

7. What are all those symbols on top? — I like the idea of a notification center on the top ribbon that you can pull down at any time. The problem is what do all of those little icons mean? Some of them are obvious, but there are others that for the life of me I have no idea what they mean.

8. Cell reception — I don't think it is that much worse than the iPhone, but it seems I never have a strong cell signal. Should I blame that on Samsung or AT&T? I don't know.

9. Wi-Fi doesn't shut off when you want it to — Sometimes I can connect to a Wi-Fi network, but don't want to. Maybe it is an open network I don't want to join right now or a hotel pay network that I don't want to pay for. I will go to Wi-Fi settings and shut it down only to see that it turned back on and tried to join the network again. This is very frustrating.

10. All of the AT&T bloatware — I have tried to remove as much of the AT&T bloatware that I can find. But am still finding more hidden AT&T "help" 2 months later. I appreciate the effort, but most of the AT&T stuff just doesn't work for me.

Don't get me wrong. I like my S4 and still think it is a hot phone. But is it the final evolution of the smartphone? No. There are still lots of little things that could be done to improve it. Taken together they represent a big step towards making this phone even better.


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