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BLOG: The Macalope Weekly: Pointless exercises

The Macalope | Aug. 13, 2012
You ever wonder why people write some of these pieces about Apple? The Macalope sure does.

Then get one! GO. We will literally drive you to the store! Albeit with pointy sticks and air horns.

Who cares about having a taller screen? I certainly dont want to have to turn the phone to landscape view every time I want to look at something.

Theres an immediate impulse to point out to him how stupid this is. Resist it. He's doing it on purpose. Don't let him bait you. BE STRONG.

The iPhone 5 will have a new power cord, one that will render the dozen or so Apple power cords I have obsolete.

Instead of having to pay a few bucks for a new cord, or even less for an adapter, whats better is having an Android or Windows 7 phone thats not upgradeable to the latest software release. Thats so awesome. Totally switching to one of them.

I gather Apple is making some other changes to the iPhone 5, too. Moving a button, for example.

This the penetrating insight you get from Business Insider. I dunno. They're moving some button or sumpin'. You look it up.

Bottom line, like a lot of other Apple customers, Im quietly hoping that everything that has been reported about the iPhone isnt true.

Because if Im going to finally shell out another $200 for a new phone, it would be nice not to find it annoying.

Yeah, well the Macalope would like it if he had just read 600 words, purportedly about technology, that he didn't find annoying.

But we don't always get what we want, Henry.



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