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BLOG: The bare-bones cloud: Why bother?

Andrew C. Oliver | Sept. 9, 2013
IaaS plays like Amazon EC2 mainly provide a way for you to do what you're already doing for a little less money. PaaS and SaaS deliver a lot more

The variety of PaaS offerings is stunning. We took a close look at six of them last year, but more have emerged since and they add to their functionality continuously.

Not that PaaS is a panacea, either. If you're throwing up a WAR file on a server that contains a packaged piece of software provided by an external vendor, it begs the question as to why they shouldn't just go ahead and maintain it for you SaaS style. With economies of scale, they should be able to get better at incorporating upgrades and migrations as part of their regular release cycle.

My main point: Let's all bark at least one more level up the stack in the name of efficiency! If you're hand-installing VMs on Amazon, at least start using Puppet. If you've reached some level of devops maturity, then take a good look at PaaS.

And for crying out loud, did you just write your own CMS? The world really needed another one of those. For commodity applications, turn to SaaS. As long as a SaaS app delivers the functionality you need, you'll raise yourself to the highest level of cloud efficiency of all.


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