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BLOG: Technology is sexist

Jonny Evans | Nov. 1, 2013
The number of women working in technology is far below the percentage in the workforce at large, and enrollment numbers suggest that improvement isn't imminent.

The inconvenient truth seems to be that women such as Sandberg and Mayer are an exception, rather than a rule.

What can we do?
Improvement of the position of women within the technology industry will require positive actions such as:

* Providing young people with good female role models on a local, national and international basis.

* Ensuring that the curriculum for computing and science education is extended to include such role models within class.

* Taking steps, within technology companies, that ensure that hiring and promotion decisions are based on talent and ability. ( Cisco is a good example of a company doing something to address this).

* Sharing experiences. Women in senior roles within technology could help by volunteering to tell their stories at local colleges and schools in order to enhance perception of good role models (I'm looking at you, Angela Ahrendts and Andrea Jung.)

These few steps won't solve the situation overnight and will need to be taken in conjunction with other actions on a local, national and international level. They will help, but I don't expect things to change overnight. In fact, I believe the position of women in the tech industry won't fundamentally change for at least one generation subsequent to these and other measures being put in place.

These steps should already have been taken. We are wasting talent, squandering ability and damning diversity within an industry that's becoming so pervasive it now dominates almost every part of life.

This has to change.


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