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BLOG: Technology: 10 years ago and 10 years ahead

Andrew Milroy | March 21, 2013
Some powerful trends, that are currently gaining momentum, will strongly influence our technology experience in 2023.

# 3 Leading technology firms will change. New firms will emerge that benefit from this change. One thing is for sure. The companies that dominate today's technology markets and those which dominated in 2003 are unlikely to remain dominant throughout this technology upheaval. Apple and Facebook will wield a lot less influence in 2023 than they do today. Amazon and Google have better odds.

#4 Self service will spread widely across business and other human activity. In 2003, technology driven self service activities were in their infancy.  By 2023, supermarkets with check outs will look very old fashioned as self service becomes the typical supermarket experience. Similarly, the entire airline experience will be self service. Printing your own boarding passes and luggage tags will soon be normal. By 2023, the customer will expect a self service experience when dealing with organisations. Apps will take over as the primary form of interaction for customers.

#5 IP technology will be embedded across all industries. For example, this change will lead to IP enabled automation across manufacturing activities. In 2003, automation in manufacturing was typically a proprietary activity. By 2023 the development of IP enabled automation, together with the development of 3D printing, will cause manufacturing to move closer to the source of demand. As labour becomes a smaller and smaller proportion of manufacturing costs and customisation becomes critical, the benefits associated with offshore manufacturing will become negligible. Expect to see an upsurge in manufacturing activity in North America and Western Europe over the next 10 years.

#6 In 2023, companies will usually have agile, cloud-based IT infrastructures. Combined with the ability to analyse and intelligently use vast amounts of data, this IT infrastructure will make it easier for firms to move into new industries. In 2003, firms were typically working with a mix of legacy proprietary technology and distributed systems that restricted their agility. In 2013, we are witnessing a rapid transition towards agile, cloud based IT infrastructures.  In 2023, we can expect to see more companies use their agile IT infrastructures, their brands and huge amounts of data to enter new industries. For example, both Google and Amazon are already doing this, the financial services industry as well as many others. Expect to see the re-emergence of the conglomerate. In 2023, companies will differentiate themselves by the way they use technology, the way the use data and the way they use their brands.

Frost & Sullivan's research reveals that successful technology firms are factoring these powerful trends into their strategies. We expect that companies which demonstrate best practices in key ICT sectors to still be in business in 2023. Furthermore, we expect them to play a role in shaping and influencing these exciting trends.

Andrew Milroy is vice president, ICT Practice, Asia Pacific, Frost & Sullivan.


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