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BLOG: Technology: 10 years ago and 10 years ahead

Andrew Milroy | March 21, 2013
Some powerful trends, that are currently gaining momentum, will strongly influence our technology experience in 2023.

In June this year, Frost & Sullivan will hold its 2013 APAC ICT awards banquet. This is the tenth such banquet. Frost & Sullivan's Asia Pacific 'Best Practices' programme has been running since 2003.

This anniversary is a great opportunity for us to reflect on some of the developments in the ICT business over the past 10 years, and to predict some changes over the next 10 years.

Frost & Sullivan's 'Best Practices' programme uses research to identify firms that demonstrate outstanding performance in particular sectors. Increasingly, companies that are identified as offering best practices in their sector, are demonstrating innovation and the ability to drive markets through this innovation.

Making predictions around technology developments is, and always has been, a profoundly challenging task. However, we do believe that some powerful trends, that are currently gaining momentum, will strongly influence our technology experience in 2023.

If we go back to 2003, the 'IPification' of everything was not yet envisaged. We did not expect telephones to cease to exist. We did not expect voice communications to become just one function that we can use on our preferred devices. We didn't expect to be carrying powerful IP enabled computing devices in our pockets and handbags. We did not expect to see IP enabled devices being embedded in cars, in consumer good, and in buildings.

The 'IPification' of everything is forcing the convergence of ICT, as we know it today, with a whole host of industry specific processes. For example, we are starting to witness manufacturing automation processes converge with IT as IP enabled technology is built into manufacturing activities. This process is creating huge opportunities for innovation as organisations experiment with and test IP enabled technology.

So, what is our vision for 2023? We will focus on aspects of technology change that will be noticeable to us all and are transformative.

# 1 Today's PC centred model of computing will no longer exist. It was the standard model of computing in 2003 and is currently changing very rapidly. In 2023, we will inhabit a world where businesses and consumers will access IT resources, and conduct the bulk of their interactions from non PC devices. These devices will include home entertainment units (usually described as TVs or games consoles today), in vehicle consoles, wearable devices such as watches, in addition to a range of tablet and smart phone devices.

#2 The focus of the CIO will transform from a focus on the management and optimisation of IT assets to a focus on using technology to underpin innovation within the enterprise.  In 2003, the CIO was measured on his/her ability to support enterprise goals within an agreed budget. Today, in 2013, the CIO is increasingly involved in enabling change within the organisation. In 2023, the CIO will proactively focus on using technology to drive innovation within the enterprise.  The IT department that we know today will cease to exist.


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